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Beautiful and Young

This will make people go ahead with the line

At the same time makes jealousy and vividly attracts humans to the sin of poverty

The way you look at each other makes you and me run wild

If I get rough you will never be the same as before

You will be soft as a cloud and will be a servant to me

What kind of cycle are we in and what we have been in?

Still the same routine we paddling around ourselves

When I don’t get comfortable with you or when I don’t get friendly with you you will know who I am

Please don’t get mad at me that’s the way it is and it will always be

I can’t always be good too, everything got both sides to everything

Shows the balance of the path

Will carry act garbages of your mind to the night

When you see us you will see a boy but you will never be able to figure out who I was and who I am now

Beautiful and younger will represent the deep sadness of the height you have been on

Beautiful is the heaviness of beauty we carry on throughout life

Younger makes it even harder to hold on the line

Sometimes somewhere we lose ourselves at the wrong time of the ride


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