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Midnight Repeats

On your head

Just put the off switch button

When you lay low on the ground of your sleeve

Get you up and running through the field

Reminisce me of childhood memories in the dark

When we went beyond our imagination

Can feel the happiness in our heads

Finally when we got into realize

It’s got stuck me unto the dead end of the road

Squeeze your storms badly

To get out the best of you at midnight repeats

Repeats of the same old versions of people

Will bored them every day

Got their own dreams of kingdoms

Can’t redeem

What’s the purpose of yours being here

Until we sacrifice with our own

We will sacrifice ours

To the end ahead of us


Will achieve the goal in the end

With midnight repeats

Come again with the sweet dreams

Finally, we have met you at present

With the hardest on your face

Don’t smile

All know you don’t want to do it

Midnight repeats

Will begin again

2 thoughts on “Midnight Repeats

  1. Thank you so much for the follow and pray our blogs will be uplifting and a blessing to you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re most welcome and pray the same, Hope you got amazed & blissful day ahead.


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