Immortal life

you will see the lights burning in the heights they don’t teach us to be alive in the end, we all individually die but if you see through these lies It will tell you how powerful you inside I don’t die I have immortal life So if you survive come meet me in the sky … Continue reading Immortal life

Even Angels Can’t Defeat

This should be posted before few weeksBut I got busy with all these thingsI’m gonna talk about a real queenWho guided us to achieve these things I never feel afraid when she stands with meFeels the whole world on their knee when she is on her feetNever saw a strong and bold woman like sheShe … Continue reading Even Angels Can’t Defeat

Gold Wall

I am so blodI used to be so small Now I think that l’m old, enough to be say how strong my mother was, when we had nothing but the cold I have a father who so strong,He always fight from his own, with the world his son’s grow on I grow up with my … Continue reading Gold Wall

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