Fear Killing Us

Fear kills us all the time in our life but don’t let it do that if you let it it will let you down fastly You won’t be last like you won’t be a better person, you have to defeat it by yourself If fear wins, you will lose Just don’t let it come to … Continue reading Fear Killing Us

Great & Lonely

Isn’t it funny, we can make a lot of money Buy a lot of things just to feel like somebody Even though it felt great, it felt so lonely Even this a life, lying under my memory Take an eye for eye wonder what there’s in it for me I’ll stand here forever wonder who’s … Continue reading Great & Lonely


I know this one is a really familiar word to us even these days and in past days of human life because this is the primary thing in our human life. What keeps us on this lifeline? Just think for a second what if we don’t have a thing called true or lie in our … Continue reading Lie

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