Black & White

The sky is Black and White Empty space all around to it Into the light, you will see the road Just keep going on, you will see it When the birds flying over above your head You will wanna fly far away with your mind What are you gonna do about it? don’t know ,don’t know … Continue reading Black & White


 you gotta do what you have to do The sky is blue, trees are Green What do you know when it’s alone All the birds are gone but the clouds are still there Humans beings just walking around don’t know where they heading Time spend accurately. It doesn’t you don’t know what’s gonna coming Life … Continue reading Audacity


When I was first thinking to write this on, I got a job at a Japanese restaurant. I have to do there is like it’s an overall job ( I have to do all the things like waiter duties, kitchen helper duties and washing the dishes, mopping the floors and toilets too ok like that) … Continue reading Money

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