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Debut Book out Now🦉👀

Avisha Rasminda Twenty- Two years old from somewhere on earth and into the Poetry, Philosophy, Spiritual and Non-Fiction Books writing , Recently he successfully completed his Very first Debut Book of I’M IN A CIRCLE. Most of the times willing to write about the Life we living all the way to now. What do you…


Sweetest candy I tasted in a very long time Doesn’t matter how long it went through to put it through the mouth It amazed me how it’s got recognized By me People still play the same guitar and the same rhythm at the same time to save time It’s all so simple Is it worth…

Falls Hope Or False Hope

What we can say ? What we will see though the falls hope or false hope Maybe the best we can say Nothing but the false falling on my chest Like a river in my head Rainbows are like a burst of sunshine in my mind Day and night we are talking and talking Nothing…

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