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Lately, I don’t know where I’m going Don’t know what to plan for Do we have to continue like this for a certain period of time? Really? I mean really do we gotta do that? Why? What is the reason anyway? We got plenty of options here Let’s put cards on the table To see…

Tidy and beautifulness

Is our mind museum to look after every minute to see if there have any dust around it Yes, there is I think Holding a grudge back of our heads To each other Hating one another What a dustbin we holding to ourselves There’s no sweet talk to each other Going on and going on…


Charm got a neat beautifulness to life It’s got an overall power behind it To open the door Wild and wider At the same time Sunrise will set the sunset inside To hear the screams inside Continuation of life Makes people tear up the tears Once the optimistic things and pessimistic things collided People will…

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