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Even if I told you it didn’t happen

You’ll know when the mountains falls itself

The sightedness became Gray color bit by bit

Soon evening becomes the monster

Of our own head

Turn it ourselves to the empty box

Pockets of our jeans will carry out the deep pockets

To carry on the Penny rockets to the moon

Deposit the money in your grave-like spaces in the moon

If you see the rabbit hop onto the palm of yours

You are lucky, it means you also will get a chance to hop onto the rockets

To go to the success

What do you mean by success

I don’t know

I guess everybody just calls it by what they want to hear

Ain’t it right? Buddy

Because we do the same

I hope you will get a chance to change

By any chance and by any charge necessary

You will become the wrong out of correct

I hope I will get a sight to see it

One day

We all gonna tell you to the everybody

Yes, we are, Yes We are

Got changed, are we gonna win?

What do you expect after you win?

That’s the other question we waited expecting

Questions after questions

Become rich after wanting to be super-rich

Is our greediness ever gonna stop?

You tell me


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