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Another Time

Won’t you try

Try as hard as ever you can

To meet the things you like

Within a lifetime

If you can’t ever gonna make it

The only thing you can do is

Try for another time

Over and over again

Until you see

What you like to see

I know where we all came from

And where we are going to be

In generations to come and centuries to destroy

What a hard line everyone crosses here

Is that a cold one or warm one

We all had to get back

Feels like jaded

No, you’re not right?

Get yourself together

We gotta made it

Made it to as far as we can

Made it to the highest as possible

What you mean

To the winning right?

Till you see yourself at your favorite place in life

Our souls never gonna leave us

Until we make it out of here

All the ghosts of difficulties with us

Until we left them in the light

To see the life


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