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Tidy and beautifulness

Is our mind museum to look after every minute to see if there have any dust around it

Yes, there is I think

Holding a grudge back of our heads

To each other

Hating one another

What a dustbin we holding to ourselves

There’s no sweet talk to each other

Going on and going on around you and myself

Clearness of your mind

It will keep you out of trouble

When it comes to clearing your dustbin

You have to clear it entirely without respect

Every day is a challenge

That’s what I’m hearing

Is it really necessary to make this keep going on?


4 thoughts on “Tidy and beautifulness

  1. What a beautiful description of a clouded mind. I love the idea of cleaning out a mental dustbin without respect, just trashing everything that is weighing us down.

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    1. Thank you for your beautiful comment and I got amazed by your understanding about this and yes you are right. Thank you again appreciate it.

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      1. You are gifted in the way you express yourself.

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      2. I’m greatly humble and admired. Thank you, like to see you here more, Have a great day.

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