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Nosy Parker

Everywhere I go I can see the nosy Parkers

Park their cameras inside and out

Seeking all the rubbish details of the people

It will get you to the bin of bullshit

When nonsense gets into your mind

You will be on crutches

Sat on the chair for the rest of your life

Thinking about the future and present of the people’s life

Why haven’t you learned life?

Isn’t there have any good thing to add on?

You are only seeking the details of the privacy of others

You haven’t got matured

That’s the one I can only show up to you

When you serve your time here

You got to step out of the foot to the circle of life again

To enter the Saint of hell

To see the beautifulness of yours

What a miracle choice of life you got

But think about the life you have wasted yourself

To search people’s life

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