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Body pain and the Diseases

The primary reason is you

That’s the way it is

It’s always has been that way

The things you have done before and the things you are doing now

Lead to body pains of yours and plantation of diseases

The agony of age booming

Increase the number of baby boomers

You can’t understand what the fault is

That’s how it works

It’s always has been that way

Eventually, you will face the consequences

At your doorstep

A guest will be waiting till the door opens

He called himself a deep-seated and deep-rooted way

Once you are in there’s no out

You are the reason

To the pain of yours

What you have done to the people

Will return to you

With the death of time

Don’t be surprised, you should have known better

Some people will know about it

Some of them aren’t

Those will help out till they don’t aware of it

Eventually, you will open the door

To let your soul out

In order to vanish the pain

Didn’t you understand what happened

Some say they take their own life

To win the game

Body pains and diseases

Will return again

To those who are in favor to ask

It’s you

4 thoughts on “Body pain and the Diseases

  1. Self-care is most neglected of all. I hope we all take your warning seriously. Me too!


    1. Thank you , Is it fine if i address you as Father if not please do let me know how do i call you as well as thank you again. The meaning will be perspective & it will be different to person to person. Hope you got a blissful day ahead.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I would like to be known as friends. Across the ocean and the miles, souls finding their way through life doing good.


      2. Yes same here, I’m glad to know and be friends. Looking forward to seeing more here, Hope you having a great and blissful day ahead.


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