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Sometimes or Most of the time I feel the loose of myself

Gotta figure it out what is the closed door behind it

Don’t know why but the reason can be laziness of myself

What I’m gonna do and what I’m going to become trickle me down always to the ground

I’m standing, Can’t lift myself up no matter how hard tried

Because of the heaviness, I got thinking and waited long enough

Someone will come sooner to rescue me out

Seems like only I can do the escaping along the way of the path

Everyone was here and there did the right thing since the start

No more can’t give out or passes the weight of continuation of the journey we got

The cure was inside the head all the time trying to spill out

It split apart and choose to go on a different path

One was easy and the other one like always a hard one

Please gives me opinions to choose the correct one

On the way, it’s a very hard and dark one

Forget to learn how to cross the line

Jaywalking on the lines got us nearly seen by the red lights

Saying time is an act against us


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