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I never met a person like you

To say the things I wanted to say

All of the other buddies wanted the things

I don’t wanted to say

What kind of feeling and gut wanted to hold it that way?

As I said before

Honesty got way beyond everything it wants

To describe depthness and unhappiness in a happy way

The bitterness of the truth got us thinking the deep way

Turn us into the bittersweet thing we ever taste

What a gorgeous life he ever made

To himself and the cycle of people around him

What can I say

Without a full stop in the end

Put a coma instead

To continue ahead

As everyone says don’t judge a book by its cover

Except yourself

Nothing lasts forever

Since it’s has made

Changes are on the way

Gotta open the door wider

To let things in

Honesty got the most mysterious thing we ever felt


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