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Attached to the world of our own

Can’t get out from

Our own truths

Surrounding by all the things not necessary for ourselves

It’s got the attractiveness to keep us alone

Someday somebody says it’s beautifulness of yours

Everything has a time, that’s the end of this exceptional conversation on our minds

Once in a while think about the history of our life

Changes of around the global

Shadow of your own never leave your side

Attaching to the light will be born a dark in this paradise

Everyone got something attached to themselves and can’t let it go

Eventually, everybody gotta go

When the times comes for the destruction

Attachments leave you behind

Behind the Scenes of your life line

All the work and mistakes, and regrets you have been made of will vanish from your vain


2 thoughts on “Attached

  1. I have let go of this world, and now I am living for Jesus Christ.

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