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Lonely, I can feel the loneliness now

What a shame on us

Killing us fastly

Such a life

God, please look down on us

Teach us what to do next

I’m lonely

Everything makes me sad

Drag me to the darkness

Into the dark will see the path

Can not see nothing but the cold

In our hearts

Hungriness told me nothing but the lessons

Is this everything will be a help to me in the end

What is the end, is the death?

What is death?

Is it a life like this

Does this ever or never have an end?

Please Lord show me the way to the road

I’m lonely, I’m lonely

We’re lonely and alone in this tiny room of ourselves

Thinking and doing, going to the upside of the mountain

Feels like now is the time for everything

To stop all of this bullshit

Heart & Life makes me alone & Lonely

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