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I know this one is a really familiar word to us even these days and in past days of human life because this is the primary thing in our human life. What keeps us on this lifeline? Just think for a second what if we don’t have a thing called true or lie in our world or our life? What do you think about what could be happened, what could be done? Actually what you will think about this? That’s the important matter here. That’s all we waiting for to hear your ideas, and your thoughts about this one. Most people I know or people I don’t know are mostly I mean often use this subject all the time in their lives. People say it would help you with a lot of things and it will be easy to do your work.

I know, I know what you saying here Y’ll. Don’t repeat the same thing I know myself over the year of my life, to me life is a very miserable and mysterious thing. I mean not only my every life on the earth including the animals, trees, and humans too. Cuz I feel that way most people don’t even know what are they doing here, the best part is even don’t know the reason to be here.

Like I’m not trying to be disrespectful to anyone here. I’m just trying to express my feelings (Thoughts). If this got disrespectful way to anyone kindly accept my apologies. Howsoever I have been hearing this is the world-famous and trending subject all the time my friend you gotta know what it is, as to me the reason to be here all of us in we gotta, we have to give something, something productive thing to yourself and to the all of us living here now, to the people who watch you. Who waiting to get your help, who waits to see you go up and down in life? Who trying to help you to go to the higher ground so I’m gonna say is you gotta do what you gotta do cause as I remember there is an old saying in people’s and people’s conversations. Everything has a price, boy if see closely enough there’s a possibility to get it but to me, I want to remind it in a different way of it. Everything has a time my friend but I know you will think they both have the same meaning cause just get both saying together and inspect them with your mind carefully. So then you will get to know the equality of it.

Oh, I think we miss the subject part here we coming to talk about. Let’s straight get to the point now. Lie – lies within us every time we living in up here. You know what I said right? We’re an untruth ( As to me ) we’re all doing falsehoods here. Just take look around yourself you will see what you have been missing all the time but you have to take a look carefully are forceful if not you will see the same thing as you did see before. If you can’t do that, just don’t.

Lies, Lies, Lies it’s a headache having things to myself sometimes I feel like I can’t handle them anymore like I don’t want those anymore but some of us are comfortable with it. Actually, they have used it that’s why they can’t let it go but if they try I know they will get a chance to let it go if not they will be struck on it forever and ever. Anyway, this is how it works.

Everything we saw here, in our own eyes.

Those all of it is covered in lies and truths.

Sometimes all of this shit is off the balance.

It’s hard to fit into those situations but we have to do those anyways.


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