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Love On My Memories

Like yesterday, I remembered the day I have seen her

Something with a black dress and various colorful flowers on it

She stands in front of me singing the wildest song I have ever known

With the purity and faith in her heart about karma

I think she really did think about life

She’s a kind girl who will love you forever

She is like my mother

Do you ever seen an angle dance

fortunately, once I did

Time passes me by, the picture of the angle getting erasing from my mind

The face of light got faded it out

Can’t remember how she looks like

As I remember I have seen her a only few times in my life

Both know who we are but never talked

Feel the mirage of conversations

Charm and disciplinarity got her move on to my heart

Never knew how this is gonna be

If knew would have spoken to her ages before

the simplicity of yourself won all competitions in everyone’s life

Even though my mind still can barely see how you smile with me with your friends

I know those days are gone

Even now I can memorize you there

The place of we first saw each other

When we pass by the road of street we only smile at each other

Why haven’t we ever speak

I think it’s me not wanted to talk to you

The scaredness and shyness got me struck

Will never get those moments again


If I get I’ll not pass you by.


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