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Weight on Life

Everyone feels the weight of life
Seek the interval of this line
Couldn’t find it.

Issues in the queue
Each one of them is a light out of the tunnel
Head spinning around itself.

Trying to figure out the way out of this.

Held tons of things to myself.
Come up with a bright and strong light.
Saw the things turn up and downs in the line.
Used to serve the bright side.
Give the reason to go and go over again

Everyone getting alone, once saw the beautifulness now it’s has gone.


11 thoughts on “Weight on Life

  1. This definitely resonate and although it’s unfortunate that we experience that weight, this is beautifully expressed. Thanks for sharing my dear❣

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    1. Thank you to you as well for sharing the exception thought on this and you’re most welcome, Have a great day ahead. 🦉🧿

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    2. Many thanks for joining me at Avisha I joined yours too. God be with us all

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  2. Not sure I understand this but I did notice your sadness. I hope you will see the beauty and not just the weight. Thank you for your sharing.


    1. First of all, thank you for understanding the written words. Hope the same. Willing to see you more, wish you a great and peaceful day ahead.


      1. Thank you, and same for you. Where are you from? I sense an accent! I’m in Texas, USA.


      2. I’m From Sri Lanka, that’s awesome also nice to meet you.


      3. Wow. Technology is great to connect people across thousands of miles! Enjoy your day.


      4. Soo true and it feels kind of hard to believe we can share our thoughts in seconds with each other. You too! Stay well and safe.


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