Love, Death, Time 

This love is made from love, purity of love, younger of our lives in our life. Love has a very very different kinds of meanings. Love got us timeless & limitless every time we got that in our hearts. I know we all have love in ourselves. But to me someday time and death will act against love. What can we do about that, some people say love never gonna end even in death apart from each, They even can’t be together anymore the love will be there that’s what some of us say. But when it’s come to my Perspective I want to tell you I’m not gonna believe it, it’s because if we see nowadays the society, The generation we completely can’t trust people, peoples love. If we think about the prior generation there got a lot of great stories about love, Death & Time But I’m here to talk about the present situation about Love, Time, & Death. 


I know about love for now, For now, what is love to me as I go and go from far from this life, More I see different kinds of things I’ll recognize love as a different thing. But for now, Love is love for each other, we make love for each other. Sometimes ’ We Make Love ‘ can have numerous meanings. Like it will lead to the productivity Of sex, Leads to the new Born, New Child. some human beings perceive love as everything in this Life Cycle. Sometimes I believe in that too nevertheless when we look at our life cycle ourselves it’s true it has no end, and Love has no ends. Love is limitless, it’s a boundless thing. It’s obtained the power, purity those things which more than we think. Love can help you with all the things you are facing right now, The rougher you think this world gets the outside of the mystery. Love is the most complex element presently. Sometimes love got us destroyed, Got us born again & Got us to realize aspects, and also got us into the trouble & Pains. We all know what it is. love has both sides. Everything has both sides to everything. 


We wish to have more time for ourselves. We all know this time will be killing us one day. Time got us into it, It’s the nature of it. You gotta Have to obey those things if you want to live a good clean life. Time is everything in every person’s life. We have to be careful & be wise when we play with time. Cuz time, not our friend my Friend Time Act against us & it’s a one-way ride. So keep this in mind all the time when you are here. Time reaped us like going away with a gorgeous life. Even though I understand everyone doesn’t want to be where they want to go. They just want to be free from all of this. Also at the same time, some people want to be here forever & feel everything. What if by chance any chance, if you got a chance to be here forever, would you be here forever to feel everything you like? I don’t want to hear the answer, I just want you to think that’s all you gotta do. Oh, damn from all of these things my favorite thing is Time. Time got into me & for the rest of us as well. What we can do to escape, what we can do my friend. 


Everyone who lives here and there, it’s will be coming to you it’s a matter of time. By that time you will know what it is & you will figure out what is this all about or not, It’s up to you. You have to recognize & do the breakout if not you can stay here like in the prison, Some people used to say death is the beginning of the life. I’ve had to think about it for a while to figure out some truths. I don’t know if it’s correct or false Anyhow I’ll tell you. The thing is it’s an old saying in many countries Death is not the final stage of life, Death is the beginning of the lifecycle. Once you get to that point level you will understand everything. 

It’s like Earth, Think it about from the shape of it. As seen from the shape there is no departure from it. But it does have a getaway The only way is to that is to find the real damn genuine of this life of yours.  

if you discover it you will vanish forever & At the same moment, Death is the saddest & precious thing about human life. it’s a heavy book written on a page we gotta carry that book on our own while carrying we must have to read it solo. Once all the chapter pages are over we’ll be remembered like sunshine on our minds. 

5 thoughts on “     Love, Death, Time 

  1. Love brings us into the world; time ushers us to our deaths. But all three elements here create a glorious unity. Thank you for this profound reflection.

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    1. Thank You for the brief & Very deep understandable Explanation & Your most welcome.


  2. Wow. Genius writing. I’m sold.

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  3. Deep thoughts with this post. Thank you for sharing. Amazing how quickly time does go by. Each day that goes by is one day closer to death.


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