Gold Wall

I am so blod
I used to be so small

Now I think that l’m old, enough to be say how strong my mother was, when we had nothing but the cold

I have a father who so strong,
He always fight from his own, with the world his son’s grow on

I grow up with my brother who has brilliant ideas of his own, he can think fast and smart he is so strong, he will never fails he will carry on

Thank you y’all for helping us to go on,
And you should know that we come for all, One day our story will be written on a gold wall.

Written By Banusha Yasminda.

4 thoughts on “Gold Wall

  1. Avisha, I just read Gold Wall, and believe it is wonderful. For such a young poet, you have the capacity to evoke such emotion. Thank you for sharing your work. Go well, David

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    1. Thank you, David but this poet belongs to my younger Brother Banusha all the credit has to go to him. I’ll let him know about your comment to him. And I appreciate you. I mentioned who is the author of the poem last of the line in the poem. Every poem and writing you see here my writings and my brother’s writings. He’s in the picture I think you already saw that. Ok by the way thank you again and nice to meet you David have a great day ahead.

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  2. I am old and somewhat jaded but happy to read this golden poem today, thanks.

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    1. Thank you very much I’m very appreciative of your comment. This belongs to my younger brother I’ll let him know your compliments to him have a great day.


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