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highs and lows

Yeah, Hey

I can see that in everyone else eyes

Everyone tried of searching everything

Says everyone not gets tried

But it does

What can we do

What we for

Where we go

Why you here

Tell me you’re the one who met me

Sunshine gets me up at the same time gets me down

Low and highs in every life

Can’t waste time

If we can’t tell what’s going to happen next

But I can sure you will see

Don’t be scared to do it all

Face it

Solve it

Do it

Win it

In the end, you gotta do what you gotta do

It’s matter who you are

Who you gonna be

What you gonna do

How you gonna do

Please, don’t waste time

Your time have a limit or is it limitless

Play it nicely and wisely

Happy for you (People)

11 thoughts on “highs and lows

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