Intermediate Beautiful

I see my soul burning inside of my mind
I just closed my eyes
will it go away
we all find something in the darkness
didn’t see anything crystal clear
never know the road
I knew it’s coming to the beginning
wave to my life one day
I’ll save it for one day
let it go, everyone says
worried about thousand times for nothing
please don’t leave me, don’t
all we know that , it’s got intermediate beautiful
still the middle of the street

5 thoughts on “Intermediate Beautiful

  1. I am very touched by what you write. And you are so young. I’d like to know more about you. Where are you. Sharon

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    1. Thank you very much and i really appreciate your words, and i send your a message


    2. Hey Sharon, It’s me Avisha your friend. we have been exchanging emails and you told me that you’re still confused how we met so i thought it’ll be best if i send a reply in here so you can easily find my blog and get a idea how we got connected.


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