Still a child
afraid to take the risks
grow up till adult age
going to take the advantage of everything
but stops because of afraid
always heart says go and face it
going to stops middle of the road
but herself/himself know he/her going to do it one day
afraid of a thing, can’t recognize what it is
some of them say it takes time
some of us say it takes time
in the end, it’s all the same
are we wasting time here or wasting life here
get everything you want, get new things, don’t be afraid to do new things
the first time it’ll be a challenge I know
it’s the same for me
I don’t wanna know about the new things from now on
just don’t know what to do, how to do
don’t wanna do it either
just wanna run away

13 thoughts on “STILL A CHILD

  1. This kind of describes my love life. lol.

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