you gotta do what you have to do

The sky is blue, trees are Green

What do you know when it’s alone

All the birds are gone but the clouds are still there

Humans beings just walking around don’t know where they heading

Time spend accurately. It doesn’t you don’t know what’s gonna coming

Life is just a lesson but there are periods you gotta attend to it or not you never learn

Children are everywhere, don’t know what’s going on

The kid has a plan, the boy got a pen.

choose it, do it.

Release all your bad and good thoughts together

See what’s gonna happens, focus, focus on yourself

A good bad things

In the end, it’s doesn’t even matter

9 thoughts on “Audacity

  1. I wonder if it does really matter in the end.


    1. Yes me too. I don’t know really about that. But we will know about it soon.


  2. Keep functioning ,remarkable job!

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  3. how much cbd for joint pain

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  4. I believe it all matters in the end. All the goodness you share with the world helps it grow kinder. Always share kindness.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yes i agree with you. completely understands what you trying to say. that’s really good for me as for everyone thank aging really appreciate you words.

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