When I was first thinking to write this on, I got a job at a Japanese restaurant.

I have to do there is like it’s an overall job ( I have to do all the things like waiter duties, kitchen helper duties and washing the dishes, mopping the floors and toilets too ok like that) but that’s was kind of happy job.

The reason I just said it. The previous jobs I worked there are terrible to my mind like it’s was a messed up job.

Anyway, somehow I got this job, still, I’m in the training period (probation) okay I want to tell you, people, the point in this topic is money ( you already know that).

I just want to make sure this, in this world we chasing money or time (Life) here.

Most of the people following the money here.

Yes, that’s right. Because I saw it before.

It’s like they’re addicted to it. I don’t know why is that but society has created that one for the people.

To me, they are two types of people, one is good people and the other one bad people( I think you guys already know that one) so the thing is I wanted to say why all of us following the money every day ( because we want to live in) right? Money doesn’t grow in trees that’s what my mom says.

We gotta go to Chase them. We really have to, everyone’s wants money I know that’s how it’s works

Everything has a process or system. Right? but what if you can do anything else beyond what you have right now.

Just think that’s all you need now. Ok money, everything we see around here and there it depends on cash. if you want to buy this one or that one you will definitely want money for that.

Do you ever guess of without money world(no money World) how is it sounds to you? Is that can exist? Like a dream kingdom. Howsoever money same as the devil, I mean it. all these things we got discomforts now because it is money. Don’t you get it? Ok then just think if you like something or want something now just now you can have that but you must have money for that one in your pocket man. If it not how you gonna get it.

This is the system we can not get out from ourselves. What is this? Why all of want that? Why people are dying for it? A little bit of money good enough for you to live a long time life if not what we gonna do about it? Life getting unfashionable of this nonsense but some others think different ways like we can do a lot of things because we got a lot of money for a lifetime, what we have to do oh we already did all the things we want so what are we gonna do next? This is what we living with this whole time.

Shit fuck what the hell man. Alright just give up some people would say. How you gonna give up like that you have to do something for yourself. Ok anyway I know this above thing what I say about, you will not probably understand these words but you will.

16 thoughts on “Money

  1. You have to have goals.

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    1. Thank you very much but I didn’t get what you saying.


      1. Your life will be more meaningful if you set goals for yourself and write them down so you won’t forget them.

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      2. Yes your definitely right about it. But I got goals. As I know everyone got goals in this world. And again thank you very much for your advice. I appreciate it.

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  2. Jeff Lee Byrem July 4, 2021 — 12:49 pm

    (I think Wikipedia has a translation function you can use.)
    Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a theory that explains how where we are in our life is what makes us make the choices we make.


    1. thank you . sure i’ll use it. and i appercited the advice you given me


  3. We do all need money in the society life has dealt us. But, I also feel money has made us self absorbed. If we used our time to benefit the world around us, money would be obsolete. For example, if everyone grew a garden, no one would be hungry.


    1. Yes, you’re right. I totally agree with you. Thank you very much for your kind words and meaningful word. I really appreciate it. Really I am.


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  5. Thank you for choosing to follow my blog, Bobbing Around. I hope my words will be of service to you for a long time.

    You may be aware that for the moment, I am offering free copies to my followers of my award-winning novel, Sleeper, Awake. Email me if you want to take advantage of this opportunity.

    Your new grandfather,

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    1. Thank you for your kind comments about this and yes, I like to read what you wrote please let me know your email. Thank you again


  6. Your thoughts are important. It’s not money, but LOVING money that breaks a man. Money is a gift if we remember where it comes from and remain grateful. Excess money comes to us, not as a greater gift but as something to share with others. We work because God told us to work, right from the start in the Garden of Eden. Let money SERVE you by working honestly and giving away when you see need. Do not work for money, because then you serve it.

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    1. i’m really get what you saying here. i’m thankful for every word your saying here. it’s importenat. yes rally it is. thank you for that and apperciate it.


  7. It certainly is not about the money. It is all about your purpose in life. You are here on earth to serve. To give the service only you can give because you are unique. The more people you can serve, the more your remuniration will be and the more people you will reach. To have an abundant life you have to change to become a better sever of your fellowman.

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    1. Yes, I very much agree with you. That’s right some way but everyone can tell something different opinions but I respect to your opinion really I am thank you very much you telling this according to what I mean what is behind it anyway thank you again take your time to reply me. Appreciate it.


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