Work during the pandemic

This is gonna be alright. Everything has a hard part we have to win it if we want to go forward that’s what I heard my father said. I know most of the got duties to do but at this moment we can’t do it like before we do. Right?

I’m also doing a job but early an I didn’t so at that time I didn’t give a shit about the pandemic but I get to realize the family needs and eventually I got a job at a Japanese restaurant. It’s a challenge during this pandemic period because I have to be safe first because of course, I have to think about my family protection first and I need the money too. I have to obey hygienic rules and isolated regulations too.

I followed them very well. Furthermore, I did have to do an online interview several times. It’s my first experience in an online interview.

Thoroughly it went great. However, I want to say to your guys I forgot to wear the pants during the interview process only I got a shirt and tie. But the meeting is kind very much.

My job is based on serving walking customers arrayed delivery orders and I have to go and give the delivery items in person during the pandemic crisis.

I know it’s risky but I gotta do that I have to win the challenge for myself and my family. And I followed the covid-19 safety standards while I’m serving the customers, every time I have to maintain a 1m distance with each other.

I guess I did my job pettily well. But I wanted to know you guys this stuff I mean don’t depend on your Jobs do something else too.

Because the reason I’m saying that is the employed doesn’t care about you at all levels( some of employed I’m saying ) the point is exactly when I ask from my employed I need a sealed face mask (fully face cover) because I’m the one who works with customers very closely I gotta have it. right?

So I informed him but at that point, he doesn’t care at all. To me, my workplace doesn’t support me in these situations. So, in the end, I got a sealed face mask on my own money for my safety.

And we have to work extra hours but we didn’t get extra money for that. Entirely didn’t get paid well.

We have to face that all but it’s fine with me at least I learned a lot of lessons from this plague.

I believe pandemic taught us many lessons and life stories for a lifetime. ( we’ll never forget that )

Right fellas, I guess you fellas face all of these troubles too.

This is a public health emergency. It’s the worst part of all of this. They gotta admit what we going through now. In our land, some of the health inspectors going on strike, and nurses too.

I don’t realize why they gotta do that like this time. In this pandemic, people are dying, don’t have enough doctors & nurses, beds, hospitals. Oh My God, what happened to us? It seems to me there is a woman are overrepresented among the health care workers.

I believe there can stand for this. It’s a very good sign for the ahead of the future of the world.

Moreover, I know we will see better days among of this.

Just remember gentlemen and gentlewoman we gotta help people every time. Just do it.

Because it will bring your luck and success to the for your future works and the world.

I know how we work currently it will change in a few days or weeks. It’s already getting change. We have to face that either.

My imagination about how we will be future works is, we’ll have to wear a face mask whenever we go outside.

We will have to look forward and backward every time to make sure of our safety first.

Around with the people. Maintain 1m distance.

The way we lived, worked has changed. Be careful out there fellas. Don’t be feared. Everything we’ll be alright.

I know it’s gonna be ok one day very very soon. Stay safe. God Blessed you all!

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