My opinion about the truth is people don’t like to see the truth.

If they see the truth I know surely they will be worried.

This world running on balance.

Balance of truth and lie.

Just think If accidentally truth goes up, and lies go down I know something terribly going to happen.

Because I have reason to say this. sorry I can’t tell you about it. But I do know surely you will understand this clearly someday.

I think this whole world running on lies. This world has a lot of lies, and I think some of the things we already have seen too many times.

I want to remind you these words aging to your head, if you really see the true you will don’t like it.

That’s the way it is. This is like your life. Just see, you have a Your own secrets and lies and truths about your life if people around you or anyone else see your lies their will don’t like you, they don’t say that directly but sometimes some people say it directly to your face.

And but they don’t act like before they do. That’s how it is. That’s why I would like to say this world running on balance.

A balance of truth and lies. So just don’t mess it up. This is like children in a Park seesaw.

Don’t lose balance. If you search clearly you can see Everything has a balance. For example, Balance of Nature. OK, so I positively believe you know that anyway So you have to stay in balance.

1 thought on “Truth

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