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Avisha Rasminda

Thoughts like a mm … Actually i don’t know what’s it like yet but i know it’s something more important thing for life.

right OK to me thoughts like a nuisance.because the reason is most of the time i’am overthinking about everything. really i don’t know why is it that, my thoughts like a competition. yeah.. yes i always overthinking about everything i see (ah shit what the fuck ?).

(mind is a prison) man. (don’t you understand that)

At this moment somethoughts comes to my head. it’s says about Buddha what say about mind.Always think about positive thoughts.

howeverevery time i’m tying to do that, sorry to say but i can’t do that, don’t know why is it. Anyway READERS just imagination about me. i mean how i feel about this situation ( just think about it ).

it’s makes me very uncomfortable and every…

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