It feels like everyone pretends like there are care about us but actually they are not.

They just actually wants from you is something else.

Every people who lived here there are pretending someone else character.

I don’t know why is that.

but I know people are all fake.

you will think why I’m saying this to you.

because some of my abilities say I know how they behave themselves front of strangers seeing it to me it’s like such a mess.

I always wanted to say to the people be themselves in every place in the world, every situation, every second is you.

don’t pretend I feel that sometimes it’s like some people to its a nuisance.

they want to act cool.

like a superman but in reality no one else by that name.

What’s going on here actually and I wanted to say this especially there is a good one too. ok

73 thoughts on “PRETEND

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