Mind & Space

What do you think about our minds, Do you ever see it, I mean in a dream or in real life.

Do you ever feel it ?.

Really what do you think about mind. Where’s it at ?. Do you think about that recently ?. Is it in our body or in our head.

Do you know exactly position where is it at ?. I think you don’t know that right. Yes, same here, I don’t know either.

But I think our minds connected with everything .

Everything connects to the everything.

Don’t you feel that way ?. Universe connects with us ( with everything ).

Mind, it’s in us. (Universe).

Just look at your environment, your life you know it’s creates because of you.

Your thoughts create your life, your future, your present situation. Our thoughts , ideas , feelings explodes to the air (outside).

Therefore we give a action and there have reaction for that. For example if we thought about good things it’s happens.

But you have to believe it harder. Other things same that too. It’s like you give a action, you think about good things and for that your thoughts explodes to the air (to the nature ) and give a reaction for that.

You understand , it’s simple theory.

If you do something (action ) there have a reaction for that.

We can called It short “Mind Action”.

That’s my idea about it and There’s a another thing I want to tell you.

It’s all about mind too. But this time it’s very different from first thing. I think space have equal sings to Mind.

Yes that’s right , right to me it’s like it’s just like mind is same as universe(space).

There have connection to each other.

Black hole is like our dark side

If you go there, there’s no coming back


Mind is just empty space?

I think mind attract everything we want

It’s like. What do you think ?

1 thought on “Mind & Space

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