Lazy and confidence

I think about these two, right now I got a little bit of a headache, but I want to tell you this somehow.

Because everyone has this one I know definitely about this.

I got this one every time on my body or mind.

I don’t know which one had it but some people say it’s In your mind not in your body, only the body feels tired.

Every people have laziness and confidence.

When we feel it it’s is another side of it it’s fear. hell yeah, I know it because all of this happened to me.

I still don’t know how to break those things in a situation. If I didn’t win that thing I can’t do things correctly.

But somehow recently no always I feel lazy now.

I don’t know why is it but always I try to ignore that.

It keeps happening every time.

I did my best to destroy that from myself.

confidence is the best thing to have for yourself, got yourself tight. Like Your mind, the mind can help you all the time.

Because you got everything you want inside of yourself so don’t be lazy or unconfident.

1 thought on “Lazy and confidence

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