Do you even know why are we here in this world?

The answer is you have to give something to the world Something new or learn something already have and give back to the world.

I think that’s why we here. It’s like give and take or take and give simple theory.

this is one reason to be here.

I believe there are so many reasons that have to be here.

But this time I’m going to talk about a simple concept here.

It’s like if you expecting something from this world and if you want to take that You have to give something first.

For example, if you do nothing and expecting something you not gonna get it. But sometimes a miracle happens but it’s doesn’t happen every time.

I have to say that. But remember if you want to be something or if you want to get something you have to give something first for that.

It’s like hard work or something.

Do you understand me right?

Okay, any way learn something already have in this world and give back to the world. I hope you will understand this.

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