As human beings we all have feelings, right?

That’s what keeps us alive that’s the reason for all of this.

To all of this happens. Sometimes it leads to troubles. Sometimes it leads to happiness, the reason to happen all of this is feelings, for example -: love, sex, fight, kindness, happiness, anger, jealousy like that.

So I wanted to say don’t be like that. Just be a good good person to everyone you met and don’t cheat.

I feel everyone cheats about everything. They don’t show their true face, it’s like There prisoners to their feelings. Don’t stuck with your feelings just let it go.

The reason to happen all of this is you, not other people and there is a positive side too.

The feeling can lead you to success too.

Everything has a bad side and a good side I know we can’t choose a good side every time.

But We must try to choose the good side in every possible way because it’s leading us to the Good future, not a bad future.

So no matter how hard Is it we have to do that.

Just thought about good feeling every time you feel bad.

So you can escape from it.

1 thought on “Feelings

  1. I wasn’t sure I could write writing such a long article in the beginning. Your style captured my attention. This was a great article. Great Article Neil. Although I look it up a few months ago, I didn’t make an opinion. However , I felt that the article was of a high quality to deserve a thankyou.


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