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Everything has a time

Even for us got time range here, when our time comes we have to go left all the things behind here.

but I want to mention one thing for all of you, we will come here again.

So don’t panic people, some people want to live here forever, some people don’t but everyone gotta go when the time comes, even I got time in this world.

I want to remind you we have to give something to the world before we disappeared from this world.

When I was a kid, I go to Sunday School every Sunday.

They have taught me some rules about life.

Then I realized how gonna end all of this around me going to destroy one day.

And I want to tell you This because recently my mom talks about this topic with me.

My mom told me what is all this for, in the end, we all gonna die right and some people wish to see their grandchildren but some people didn’t get a chance to see them. Some of them gone before Grandchildren born.

Every day we wake up, eat, sleep or work, enjoy is this the life all of us thinking, is it? I don’t know really

What is it about this sometimes I feel this whole thing is a setup and I got this feeling over the years now because sometimes this likes an imaginary picture.

I feel like this reality was given by someone else.

Just think if we don’t have time here what would be happen

( if I told you I don’t have any idea about that one you will tell me you must know that because you’re the one who writes this ) yeah, I know I supposed to know that yeah, I know

14 thoughts on “Everything has a time

  1. Everything has a time on this earth. We were not meant to live here forever. We live our lives the best way possible by faith in Jesus Christ. We have God’s Word to live by. He teaches us how to live. He tells us what to do and how to treat people. He gives us The Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, which is the Bible, His Holy Word. Yes, one day this earth is going to pass away and everything in it. That is why we must live righteous lives if we want to go to heaven when we leave here. Jesus came that we may have an abundant life and that life is in Him. John 3:16 tells us what God did for us by sending His One and Only Son to this earth to die once and for all for our sins. We must believe in Him so we will not perish and have everlasting life for all eternity. Nothing is a setup. We all have a purpose on this earth in this world, and that is to follow Jesus Christ our Savior and King. If you do not have a Bible, I suggest you get you one and read it. Things will become more clearer for you to understand. You can search the Scriptures and see what God will tell you through His Word. I hope this answered some of the things you did not know. There is nothing wrong with finding out what you want to know. I enjoyed reading your article. God bless you and have a wonderful day.

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    1. Thank you very much for your kind words I’m appreciate it


  2. Loved this piece! It reminds me of an old persian proverb translated into English “what’s yours is written for you”


  3. I hope we make the best of whatever time we have and agree that, “we have to give something to the world before we disappeared from this world.”

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    1. yes i agree with you. thank you for your better meaning ful words. that’s true. apperciate it

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  4. Great post. Keep looking. God will come find you.

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  5. “I want to remind you we have to give something to the world before we disappeared from this world.”

    Yes💗. At the end of the day, we have to do something while we’re here, nomatter for how long.

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    1. Yea I agree with you thank you I appreciate your comment. Have a nice day

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  6. It was hard for me to believe at first I could read such a lengthy article. Your style of writing was fascinating. You always deliver outstanding content. Great Article Neil. This article is excellent. Even though I only read it a couple of times in the past, I did not leave an opinion. However, I thought this article merited an acknowledgement.


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