We have to stop destroying nature. Trees, forests, small rivers, big rivers all kinds of rivers and especially don’t corrupt the air. We should have to stop destroying nature. Don’t cut trees. Just save it like your breath. If we don’t care about the environment and nature we will lose everything we have. Look around you if we don’t have nature it’s like an empty white background. Protect nature It starts from your home. Start to clean your environment and don’t put plastics, plastic bags, plastic water bottles around somewhere. Put them into the dust pin. If we destroy nature We have to pay for that one day surely. We live because of this nature, every day we get fresh air because of this nature. plant trees don’t cut it for a temporary situation or money. Nature is the most important thing in our lives. That’s I keep saying this over and over again. Or sometimes we have to face The consequences. So from now on protect the Your environment and nature. please plant trees as much as you can.

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