Dreams steal your sleep

We all have dreams as a kid as an adult And as an old man. ‘‘dreams ” when we say dreams we all get a picture in our heads yeah. There are dreams that get to us day and night. But here I am not going to talk about the dreams that we have when we fall asleep. I am not here to talk about the daydreams either. I’m here to talk about dreams that steal our sleep. I know some of you don’t get it as quiet as some of us do. So I’m going to explain a little more. We all have dreams in our life but there is one dream that above all of those dreams. We all have a dream that we see since a kid. That’s kind of dream can steal your sleep so I’m going to call it ‘‘ The dreams that steal your sleep ’’ when you read this you have to careful because Some of you can misunderstand this. I am not here to talking about the daydreams. I’m talking about life dreams if you have dreams that steal your sleep that’s what life dream means. I don’t know about your life or dreams so let’s talk about me I’m Banusha Yasminda. 17 Years Old boy and I’m a teenager who has a life dream as a teenager you all know there are lots of stages that I have in my life to gain more experiences and adventures. But the things I don’t want that I don’t want to be an ordinary teenager all do. I am really sorry because I can not tell you my life dreams So you guys can imagine anything has your wish so this is all I got in my mind right now. So tell me to know what you guys think about this and more importantly feel free to Comment your life dream. Enjoy

Written by Banusha Yasminda

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