Don’t know

You will think about what I’m going to say right yes I’m going to say is when we don’t know something society will laugh at us.

They will make some jokes about us.

I know it’s hard but we have to face it if we want to go further in life or whatever we have to do it anyway.

In my opinion about that, we have to face that all if we want to go further in life.

I got some experience with this kind of situation.

So don’t be worry everything will be okay.

I know for sure everything takes time to heal up.

So give a Little more Time to that.

Let that go it’s just a temporary situation in your life just a moment but it’s really important what you get in on that moment for life.

It’s a good experience you ever had in your life.

I know many of us don’t know what we are doing here.

we have to learn everything not quickly.

Just take your time.

Don’t Rush especially.

3 thoughts on “Don’t know

  1. Hi there. Yeah we don’t really now where to go initially. We never really are prepared to be adults. Also, some critique, some of sentence syntax is a bit off. I like to write in Microsoft word and then post it onto the blog. I liked your piece on love. You’re young and it didn’t sound like you’ve experienced romantic love yet(or didn’t share) but my advice on love is that you’ll feel a bit scared. Love is a little scary.

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    1. thank you very mush for your time to reply me back with this kind words i am really apperiacte this


  2. I wasn’t sure I could write such a lengthy article at the beginning. Your writing style impressed me. Your content is always outstanding. Great Article Neil. This article is fantastic. Even though I read it only a couple of times I didn’t make a comment. However, I thought that the article merited being mentioned.


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